Reassessing the St. Ives School through the Works of Terry Frost

As much as St. Ives artists should be re-examined through a broader perspective, as demonstrated by Frost’s works in this article, the study of contemporary art should also move beyond the binary thinking of East and West, old and new.

Li Lei – Poetic Abstraction

At the forefront of the modernization of Chinese art, Li Lei unveils his inner world with

melodic poems and rhythmic brushstrokes.

Chloe Ho

The chance and control of the artistic life of the talented emerging female artist.


Peter Yuill takes on a holistic journey to understand and accept the inconceivable

immensity of the universe.

Grand Landscape

A Tour de Force Exhibition that harmonizes the past and modernity

My Light My Hood

Hong Kong Artists Reassembling parts of Hong Kong in a Garage

Mindscape IV

Ink Artists Apply Multiple Disciplines to “Grow” the Traditional Art Form

Women Artists Representing Women

Through the Lens of Photographic Art